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  • What are the key transport and movement issues affecting residents, workers and visitors?
  • What are the issues to overcome in moving from the private car to public transport or walking and cycling?

Being able to move easily from place to place impacts positively on our quality of life and bolsters the attractiveness of a place to live and visit and as a place to invest. Transport planning policy is a keytool in delivering a sustainablecounty where a compact growth model facilitates the integration of land use and efficient transport systems. It also has a key role in reducing carbon emissions and making our county more resilient in the face of climate change.

The Plan will aim to promote ease of movement within, and outside of South Dublin, by integrating areas identified for growth with high quality public transport systems.

National & Regional Policy

Transport policy in South Dublin is guided by a comprehensive and coordinated set of national and regional policy documents. National and Regional transport policy emphasises the need to reduce the demand for travel and the reliance on the private car in favour of public transport, cycling and walking.

Sustainable Mobility

Q. How can we better integrate Land Use and Transport Planning in South Dublin? 

During this review of the Development Plan, the current movement patterns around the county will be examined. The integration of transport and land use so that strategic development is along key public transport corridors, will be key to informing policy and is in the longterm interest of society, the economy and the environment. This approach can support better quality of life in our county, more economic and efficient movement of people and goods and reduce harmful impacts on nature while aiding climate action.

Sustainable Mobility

  • More efficient journeys, improvements in journey options and better connectivity between transport modes.

  • Reduce travel distances and demand and encourage more efficient and cleaner transport.

  • A shift away from private car to greater use of active travel (walking and cycling) and public transport.

Growth Enablers

  • To achieve compact growth, the NPF recognises that improved sustainable mobility links are needed within and around our cities.

  • An Improved bus-based system, with better orbital connectivity and integration with other transport networks.

  • Delivery of metropolitan cyclenetwork set out in the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan.

  • Sustainable development of new greenfield areas for housing on public transport corridors, i.e. Adamstown and Clonburris.

  • Regeneration of existing underutilised lands to provide for new communities and reduce the need to travel.

Sustainable Transport will help shape and improve the environment creating a healthier and more welcoming and connected place contributing towards the development of sustainable communities.

N81 Road Improvement
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Improved Integrated Sustainable Public Transport
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