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  • What measures should the plan put in place to ensure key community infrastructure is in place?

A Development Plan is required to include objectives for the provision of services to the community. This community infrastructure includes services and facilities for health, wellbeing and education. An audit of the existing and the necessary community infrastructure and facilities for the different areas will help to inform a targeted policy approach and to provide the necessary infrastructure in tandem with new development in the County

Community infrastructure facilities themselves can provide a platform for community and social interaction.  Ideally such facilities would be provided within each area within the county and accessible to all citizens.  Creating a more socially inclusive county by alleviating social exclusion, poverty and deprivation is a challenge which needs to be a policy consideration for all themes within the Plan. The integration of planning with social, community and cultural requirements of an area is one of the considerations which will be important in the Plan making process.

South Dublin – Delivery of Services

South Dublin has a broad range of community services across the county. Since 2016, 8 new primary schools and 1 new secondary school have been delivered across the county. Planning permission has also been granted for the expansion of TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus. New libraries are to open soon in Tymon and North Clondalkin. Recreation facilities are being upgraded with a new swimming pool approved for Griffeen Park in Lucan.

Across the County the council maintains large regional parks and is constantly striving to meet the needs of different sections of the community, for instance, by bringing in natural play areas such as that approved along the River Dodder. Funding has been secured to commence 2 large new parks in Adamstown, Airlie Park and Tandy’s Lane Park.

Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

The LCDC for the county pulls together a variety of stakeholders who work on behalf of the community. It plays a key role in the preparation of the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). The LECP is a six-year plan containing measures to promote and support community and economic development in our county including social inclusion, health and wellbeing. The LECP is a collaborative action plan with set goals. The Development Plan and the LECP will work together to achieve agreed goals.

The provision of high-quality physical, environmental and social infrastructure, is critical in order to secure economic investment and create sustainable communities where people can enjoy a good quality of life.

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Please see attached submission document from the Department of Education.