Options for Growth

Higher level national and regional plans set population targets and the general location for compact growth. The Development Plan must set out the most sustainable framework in which to deliver these broader objectives while recognising the specific characteristics and opportunities within South Dublin.

This consultation booklet identifies key strategic issues which the next Development Plan 2022-2028 must address. Within each of these issues there are various options for the delivery of growth in a sustainable manner which can improve our quality of life.

How should we achieve a compact pattern of growth?

How should we move in a more sustainable way?How and where should we work?How do we protect our mountain areas/biodiversity while providing for recreational areas? How do we mitigate and adapt to climate change? Promoting renewal energy initiatives; Encouring more compact mixed-use development; Sustainable transport option such as cycling, walking and public transport; Addressing areas at risk of flooding/protecting the natural landscape and biodiversity. Have you other ideas? What lessons can we learn in how we use land or buildings from Covid-19?