Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Christine Noonan

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Further to the recommedations made by the EPA submission.

I live in [Redacted: Personal Information] (R134). Our houses run alongside the R134 and face the road with no screening provided against air pollution and traffic noise. The noise level has increased exponentially in line with increased traffic due to the additional developments surrounding us including but not limited to Grange Castle and Baldonnell Industrial Parks. There will be further increases as building continues in Grange Castle, Baldonnell, Kilcarberry & a primary school & many other planning projects along the R134. We also contend with noise from Baldonnel Airport, planes fly very low over our houses as they approach the airport. We are also subject to the noise from the Quarry on blasting days.

Each planning permission sought is considered as a standalone case in regard to Environmental Impact Assessments and the smaller building projects do not need an assessment due to thresholds. All applications should be taken on a cumulative basis within a specified circumference. As each project begins and ends there should also be an assessment. Your current process allows a carte blanche approach regarding approvals with absolutely no regard for the cumulative effect on the environment and as importantly, it ignores the impact on current residents regarding pressure on already limited amenities and health implications due to emissions.

The R134 is so heavy with traffic morning and evening, speed limit is 60km and as such it is not safe to access as a cyclist from [Redacted: Personal Information]. I do not believe it is safe from a health perspective either regarding air quality.

Reference: Snapshot of Planning along the R134.