Chapter 3: Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Eugene McElhinney

Chapter 3: Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage

Rathcoole Woodland. There are a number of headings that the woodland comwas under but I could only choose one.

It's a fantastic amenity for residents to enjoy, including the opportunity for forest bathing which is now being recognized as beneficial for mental health. It provides habitats for wildlife especially our insect population which are in steep decline and upon which ourselves and other species are  dependent on. Its provides protection against flooding thereby protecting residents homes and businesses. It improves air quality and therefore residents health. It provides the opportunity to allow children access to the wildness of nature in a space which is limited supply nationally.

While there is a need for housing there is adequate poorer land nearby held by a developer which could be a pathway to the number required. Surely through a public private pathway the houses could be met in this way instead of destroying a valuable asset to both the local area and the wildlife who depend upon it.