Chapter 8: Community Infrastructure and Open Space

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Dublin Friends of the Earth

Chapter 8: Community Infrastructure and Open Space

Again we are happy to see that the plan wishes to promote the concept of the ‘10 minute settlement’ in SDCC. A very frequent and reliable public transport system and active travel options are crucial also. 

Our public parks need to be made more suitable for increased outdoor living due to the pandemic. Could we have more wildflower areas, more seating, picnic tables, covered areas to shelter from rain/sun, outdoor facilities for schooling, camps, classes, performances, water refill stations, better bike parking, zero waste markets, extended hours in the winter with better lighting, more water features, ponds for wildlife, more natural play areas for children (mini-forests, sand pits)? 

We would like SDCC to seriously consider facilitating activity in open spaces e.g. in housing estates, current waste ground and sections of our parks. Could patches be given over to community groups to trial community vegetable gardens/GIY initiatives or mini allotments? This is a great hobby which produces healthy food, reduces carbon (flight miles/shopping) brings neighbours together, is a learning experience and gets people outdoors.

And in general, we need considerably more native tree planting wherever possible. We submitted separately to your draft Tree Management Policy document in this regard in August 2021.