Chapter 7: Sustainable Movement

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alistair mullan

Chapter 7: Sustainable Movement

The Council need to work with the National Roads Authority to ensure any road building does not interfere with the protection of Rathcoole Woodlands or effect it's wetlands. The current drawing of the proposed Western Dublin Orbital Route on 09 sheet_Map 08 crosses over part of the woodlands.

I would propose that under

7.7.2 New Street and Road Proposals

Table 7.5 Six Year Road Programme (page 270)

the additions in red below to the table




Western Dublin

Orbital Route

New road from N81 to the

Leixlip Interchange.

New road from N81 to the Link

between the N81, N7 and the

N4 with a route Leixlip

Interchange by-pass function

around Rathcoole and Saggart.

The need for this route, further

connections and possible

alternative routes will be

determined through the review

of the NTA’s GDA Strategy and

in consultation with TII and

relevant local authorities. In

any such route a primary

objective of South Dublin

County Council shall be to

protect the scenic Liffey Valley

parklands, and amenities at

Lucan Demesne and St

Catherine’s Park and Lucan

Village, and Rathcoole Woodlands, and no proposals to

continue a road over these

lands, or in close proximity where it may effect the integrity of any wetlands within these lands will be considered.