Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
John O'Leary

Chapter 4: Green Infrastructure

We very much welcome the improved profile being awarded to Green Infrastructure by SDCC in this plan.

Rathcoole Woodlands and surrounds have been subject to significant attention by SDCC planning recently. Multiple enviornmental reports now indicate significant Annex Habitats in Rathcoole Woodlands that need protection per EU Habitats directives. We would welcome timely rezoning of these lands and surrounds to protect these Habitats into the future.

We welcome the significant works by SDCC to GI eg along the Dodder Valley. We would like SDCC Planning to turn its attention to the Camac river/basin and the upper hinterland eg Lugg, Brittas Ponds, Slievethoul and to set-out and complete feasability studies and programmes to maintain and enhance.

SDCC has significant plans to reduce harmful carbon throughout the county. This focus is welcome. Improvemet in the levels of trees in the county to help mitigate Climate Change is needed.

Rathcoole Park continues to need a 25/30 car carpark and more so now following the upgrade of some pitches to coincide with recent Irish Water works. BCM has proposed a location to SDCC in the recent past for this car park and await a feasability study


John O'Leary