Chapter 9: Economic Development and Employment

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Sherri Brennan

Chapter 9: Economic Development and Employment

We are making our submission to the Draft Development Plan 2022-2028

Our business is currently experiencing growth that will require us to aqquire another site to meet the growing demand for our services.  This expansion will create additional employment and assist strenghten our position as a service provider in this county.

At the moment there is no suitably zoned land available in the Greenogue  area or anywhere in the county that could accomadate a company such as ours.  While there is zoned space in the county, it is obvious that the areas of Grange Castle & Citywest to name but 2 are not suitable or designed to deal with waste management or industrial uses.

It is crucial for a business such as ours that we are located close to a road network that is specifficaly designed to deal with the fleet make up that we and our neighbours here in Greenogue operate.

Therefore, we respectfully request that due consideration is given to the zoning of land sufficent to accomadate industrial uses here in Greenogue & the county in general.