Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Rebecca O Connor

05 sheet_Map 04

The lands highlighted on sheet map 04, highlighted in yellow in the attached are zoned EE despite being residential. The land in question sits between the Green Isle Business Park(part of which is also residential with numerous tenants) and the Green Isle Hotel. Currently three families reside on the land in question, in three seperate homes.  However, on the interactive map below - our family land and that of our neighbours is  all highlighted as 'Green Isle Business Park' which is incorrect.

It is submitted that the Estate should be rezoned to Existing Residential for the following reasons:

  1. That the history of the Estate has been purely residential and there have never been any use of same for Enterprise and Employment purposes.
  2. That the Estate must have previously been zoned as some form of Residential or at the very least that residential development has previously permitted therein.
  3. That even if the Estate was zoned as Enterprise and Employment in recent times, it is within the discretion of the Council to reverse or change this zoning.
  4. That the surrounding area has a mixed class of Developments and that there is an abundance of other residential properties in the vicinity of the Estate.
  5. That the residents of the Estate are all supportive of the rezoning of the Estate from Enterprise and Employment to Existing Residential.
  6. That the fact that the Estate is zoned as Enterprise and Employment wrongfully prevents any opportunity for future improvements or development for its residents.

See attached accompanying map and further reasoning on the points above.