Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
William Lavelle

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Zoning of lands in Lucan Village north of the Liffey

The current development plan applies a REGEN zoning to the lands in Lucan Village north of the Liffey, including Hills Industrial estate and other commercial sites. The current ‘REGEN’ zoning is to designed to “facilitate enterprise and/or residential-led regeneration” and it was previously proposed for this area with a view to supporting future, vibrant mixed use development.

I am disappointed that the draft plan proposes rezoning this area to EE, “to provide for enterprise and employment related uses”. The EE zoning objective does not permit uses including Community Centre, Residential, Shop-Neighbourhood or Work-Live Unit,  all of which would represent appropriate and highly-valuable additions to this area and to Lucan Village generally.

I would propose a review of the zoning of this area to avoid an EE zoning, through retention of REGEN zoning or extension of Lucan Village’s VC zoning to this area.