Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Sinead O'Driscoll

Environmental Reports

I have lived in Citywest nearly 20 years and have see some great improvements to the area, but over the pass 5/8 years I'v see nothing but houses and appartments being built and nothing to bring the community together just building after building,  we need to look at improving the area for the youth and getting more outdoor space for them and also the likes of a library & sports area and also including a police station so the full community feels safe in the area.  If we keep going the way we are, we are going to end up like a concreate jungle with nothing for the young people to do and with this brings trouble as we all have see in the last 16 months when they had no school and everything closed with Covid.  I really feel that the council needs to put a stop to the building of houses and appartments and look at the area for everyone who already lives in it.