Active Travel Schools Project St. Lorcan's B.N.S. and St. Brigid's G.N.S

Dúnta22 Aib, 2022, 9:27am - 27 Bea, 2022, 6:00pm

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The Active Travel School Zone project, supported at Council in November 2020, aims to engage schools, and their communities, within the County to improve safety outside the school gate to better support active travel modes on the journey to and from school. The project is supported by the National Transport Authority (NTA) and delivered by South Dublin County Council.

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The objectives of the project are:

  • Increase the number the people arriving at school by active travel modes and thereby promote better physical health and wellbeing
  • Enhance safety for children cycling, walking and scooting to school
  • Provide an accessible environment in the vicinity of the school 
  • Create a pleasant, playful and more welcoming public realm in the vicinity of the school
  • Enhance biodiversity in in the vicinity of the school
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in the vicinity of the school
  • Improve noise and air quality in the vicinity of the school
  • Be deliverable in a timely manner
  • Be manageable within the resource available to the Council

This scheme is related to improvement works outside St. Lorcan’s B.N.S. and St. Brigid’s G.N.S., The Oval, Palmerstown  

Documents related to this scheme include:

  • Public consultation summary
  • Scheme summary
  • Preferred design drawing
  • Landscape masterplan
  • Snapshot engagement survey report for St.Lorcan's B.N.S and St Brigid's G.N.S, The Oval, Palmerstown

This scheme will be progressed under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994. This section of the Act contains the legislation under which new traffic calming and cycling infrastructure is developed. Typical works carried out under s38 powers include road narrowing, speed cushions, footpath build outs, cycle tracks, bus corridors. Delivering these works under s38 powers does not require planning permission.