D24 Neighbourhood Cycle Network Scheme

Closed12 Sep, 2022, 3:00pm - 9 Oct, 2022, 5:58pm

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Please click the link here to see an overview of the scheme https://youtu.be/U-2_TVqF7g4

The D24 Neighbourhood Cycle Network is an interim cycle scheme which aims to quickly implement a comprehensive and connected network of protected cycle facilities, suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities, in the D24 area. The scheme will be executed under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994 and funded by the National Transport Authority. Recent surveys show that 68% of SDCC residents support the construction of segregated cycle tracks, so the goal is to deliver a safe and functional network which will provide a safer cycling environment linking schools, communities and providing access to the Dodder Greenway and other amenities. The proposed network will connect into the existing cycle facilities in the area e.g., Dodder Greenway and Firhouse Road, and will also complement future SDCC cycle schemes being progressed separately e.g., Killinarden Park and Citywest to Rathfarnham Cycle Scheme. It will be the largest neighbourhood cycle scheme in the country and forms part of the Cycle South Dublin strategy. The network will consist of the provision of protected cycle facilities on the following roads:

Killinarden Heights , Killinarden Way , Whitestown Way , Kiltipper Way , Firhouse Rd West , Killinniny Road , Ballycullen Road , Ballycullen Drive , Ballycullen Avenue

The majority of these roads do not have cycle facilities at present however there is surplus space within the existing carriageways which can be repurposed to introduce protected cycle lanes without impacting the number of traffic lanes. Cycle facilities do exist on a number of the above roads at present, and these will be improved as part of the D24 Network to provide protected cycle facilities suitable for all. This network amount to an additional approximately 11km of protected cycle facilities in the D24 area and will provide direct links to 12 schools, parks, sports clubs and local amenities. It is estimated there are 46,000 people living within ½ km of the network and it will amount to an estimated €3-4 million investment.

Please see leaflet in the attachments for full information on the scheme.