Rosemount District Centre Enhancement Scheme

Closed8 Sep, 2023, 11:05am - 20 Oct, 2023, 6:00pm

Rosemount District Centre is a busy retail centre located on Marian Road in a predominantly residential area of Rathfarnham.


The centre contains 11 businesses with a varied range of services. The centre also includes important community facilities such as the Ballyroan Community Centre, Ballyroan Library and Ballyroan Parish Church, and Parish Pastoral Centre.


The current centre of the community is a retail space with community centre and church but is largely dominated by the concrete and asphalt of the car parking areas servicing the centre.


The proposed scheme aspires to upgrade the urban space to make the area more inviting to residents, businesses, and visitors.


The layout of the carpark has been examined as part of the scheme and the proposal is to reconfigure the carpark to maximise its functionality whilst also improving pedestrian links to and through the District Centre.


The footpath fronting the businesses is to be rearranged to create a plaza.


Green space is created around the car park and some of this space has been considered for the implementation of biodiversity measures / SUDS and/or landscaping.


Marian Rd is the link between Ballyroan Rd. and Butterfield Ave. The road whilst predominantly serving the surrounding residential areas is also used as a rat run for traffic travelling north/south. Marian Road is to incorporate traffic calming measures along it within the area of the district centre.



The closing date has passed and submissions are no longer being accepted.