Wellington Lane Walking and Cycling Scheme

Closed14 Dec, 2021, 5:50pm - 31 Jan, 2022, 6:00pm

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Wellington Lane Walking and Cycling Scheme

This public consultation is to give all citizens a chance to have their say on the Wellington Lane Proposed Walking and Cycling Scheme and how safe active travel may be achieved along Wellington Lane.

Please note that this is not a planning application. We are presenting options to the public, indicating the emerging preferred route and wish to gather as much feedback as possible. Once we have gathered feedback we hope to use that information to help inform a formal planning application early in 2022. We have a short questionaire in the Virtual Consultation Room in the link below which you can click on to enter and we would be delighted to get your feedback and also have a look around at all the plans on the scheme.


 Alternatively please feel free to make a submission by clicking the submission button on the righthand side of this page. During the planning phase early in 2022 a similar process with similar notifications will be conducted where the public can make submissions and have their say in relation to the preferred route.

Purpose and Objectives of the Scheme are as follows:

  •  Wellington Road Permanent Cycle Scheme builds significant safe access for Active Travel to the Schools, Sports Clubs and Amenities in the immediate area. It is important to point out that the temporary bollards in place currently will be removed and a new layout will be put in place of this that will involve  segregrated cycle lanes.
  • Interconnectivity is also created to future cycle schemes and builds active travel links to Knocklyon, Rathfarnham, Firhouse, Dodder Greenway, and parts of Tallaght which will make it a realistic option in the near future to commute to work within some of these areas alongside creating a safer network for children to cycle/walk to school and to sporting activities
  • Provide improved cycle and pedestrian facilities along the entire scheme route, making travel by cycling or walking safe and enjoyable for all
  • Enhance connectivity for the surrounding residential developments to key trip attractors within the area such as the local parks, schools, playing pitches and local shops
  • Improve modal shift for walking and cycling within the area for all users and creating a cleaner environment
  • Providing a signifcantly safer roundabout at Orwell and Junction at Templeville for Active Travel users


The virtual consultation room can be accessed via this link below,


Within the room there is an introduction video on the Wellington Lane Walking and Cycling Scheme, a video flyover of the scheme  virtually , drawings and reports related to the scheme. We have also have a questionaire and a have your say section so we would really encourage you to fill this out which only takes a few minutes. Please take your time and have a good look round the virtual conusltation room to see all aspects of the Wellington Lane Walking and Cycling Scheme.

Submissions can also be made in writing by post to:

Senior Engineer, NTA Schemes, LUPT, South Dublin County Council,

County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 YNNS