Part 8 - BMX Track Jobstown

Closed7 Dec, 2017, 8:00am - 29 Jan, 2018, 5:00pm



Pursuant to the requirements of the above, South Dublin County Council hereby give notice of the proposal to construct a BMX track at Jobstown Park, Tallaght in the townsland of Jobstown.
The outline details of the proposal are:

  • BMX track; • Pump track; • Management and maintenance facilities;
  • Track access facilities; • Car park extension; • All ancillary works.

BMX track

  • The key features of the proposed track are as follows:
  • The BMX track consists of 4 straights, with a split 2nd straight. The proposed track running width will start at 10m and progressively narrow to 6m wide on the 3rd and 4th straights.
  • The proposed starting ramp for the track will be a total height of 6m above ground level, with the starter gates positioned 1m lower at 5m high.
  • The proposed straights will range from approximately 70m to 80m in length, with jumps generally ranging from 0.7m to 2.1m high.
  • The proposed track will contain of 3 turns, each typically 3m in height, with room for spectators on the top of each turn.
  • The surface of the straights will consist of 10-6mm crushed stone, placed above subbase material, on top of a clay based, dry and well compacted, non-organic material.
  • The 3 turns will consist of a layer of asphalt, placed above subbase material, on top of a clay based, dry and well compacted, non-organic material.
  • The edges of the track will be topsoiled and grassed, with a proposed filter drain placed between each straight.
  • A staging area with 10 lanes is proposed for riders to assemble.
  • Next to the starter ramp, a junior start ramp at 3m above ground level is proposed.
  • An existing soccer pitch within Jobstown Park is proposed for relocation by approximately 30m to the south west.
  • The proposal includes for all ancillary items.

Pump Track

  • The facility will include a pump track to the South East of the site. This will provide a warm up area for competent BMX riders and a training and development facility for less experienced riders.
  • The proposal includes for all ancillary items.

Management and maintenance facilities


  •  Spectator areas will be included on top of each of the 3 turns.
  •  Along the finishing straight (4th straight), a knee height rail, seating and grassed area is proposed.
  • Reinforced grass (using plastic porous pavers) is proposed to accommodate loading and unloading, along with 2 gates to the West of the facility. The proposed public and user entrance to the facility is on the South East corner.
  • Gravel footpaths are proposed within the facility for BMX riders and spectators.
  • Two facilities are proposed on site for club facilities, storage of maintenance equipment and for use to manage and maintain the track.
  • The entire BMX facility will be enclosed in 3m palisade fencing. The facility will include tree planting and additional space required will be grassed. A typical 3.5m grassed strip is proposed around the BMX track to facilitate grass cutting, routine maintenance and emergency services access (together with the 3 gates).
  • It is proposed to include underground infrastructure required to upgrade the facility to have the possibility of both lighting and CCTV in future.
  • The proposal includes for all ancillary items.

Track access facilities

  •  An existing footpath within the park is proposed for removal and replacement with shared route outlined below.
  • The proposed track access will be in the South East corner of the facility.
  • This entrance will be linked to the existing park footpath and Fortunestown Way Road by a proposed new shared path. In addition to this new shared path, a new shared path is also proposed within the park to the North of the facility.
  • The proposal includes for all ancillary items.

Carpark extension

  • A new car park is proposed to the west of the Tallaght Leisure Centre. The size and position of these facilities are subject to detailed design. A car park for approximately 130 car spaces and a new access onto Fortunestown Way Road is proposed.
  • The proposal includes for all ancillary items.

The proposed Scheme has undergone Appropriate Assessment Screening under the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) and Environmental Impact Assessment Screening under the EIA Directive 2014/52/EU. The requirement for second stage Appropriate Assessment has been screened out. The requirement for an Environment Impact Assessment has been screened out.

Plans and particulars of the proposed scheme will be available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy from Thursday 7th December 2017 to Friday the 12th January 2018 at the following locations:

  • South Dublin County Council Offices, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 between the hours of 9:00am – 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am - 4.30pm on Friday. Closed at weekends and bank holidays. (Inspection and purchase).The offices will be closed to the public from Saturday, 23 December and will re-open for business on Tuesday, 2 January 2018.
  • County Library, Tallaght, Dublin 24, between the hours of 9.45am to 8pm Mon to Thurs, 9.45am to 4.30pm Fri to Sat, Closed Saturdays and Mondays of Bank Holiday Weekends. (Inspection and purchase). The library is closed from Saturday, 23 December to Monday, 1 January inclusive. Normal hours will resume from Tuesday, 2 January 2018.
  • The plans and particulars can be viewed on the Council’s Public Consultation Portal website
  • Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the proposed development will be situated may be made in writing up to 5pm on Monday the 29th of January 2018 and may be submitted either:

via Online Submissions:
or By post to:
Senior Executive Officer, Environment Water and Climate Change Department, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght,
Dublin 24. D24 YNN5.
NOTE: Please make your submission by one medium only. All submissions should include your name and a contact address. It should be noted that the Freedom of Information Act, 1997-2006 (as amended) applies to all records held by South Dublin County Council.
Director, Environment Water and Climate Change Department, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24.