Avonbeg Road Cycle Scheme

Closeddate_range5 Oct, 2021, 10:00am - 2 Nov, 2021, 10:00am


For the Proposed Cycling and Walking Scheme at Avonbeg please click this link below  to complete the questionaire. https://consult.sdublincoco.ie/en/content/avonbeg-road-cycle-scheme-questionaire

South Dublin County Council In conjunction with the National Transport Authority, are actively trying to develop an improved cycle network throughout the county. This new network is intended to provide more sustainable transport options for commuters as well as active travel benefits for local communities.

A new plan entitled Cycle South Dublin was recently launched and this lays out the envisaged network, the missing routes and an indicative timeline for each scheme.

Route no.7 of the Cycle South Dublin is the Avonbeg Road Cycle Scheme and provides cycle connectivity from Old Bawn Road to the Dodder Greenway via Avonbeg Road. It is a 1.3km route that provides a better active travel link to local amenities, schools and parks for the community of Tallaght, notably Avonbg, St. Dominic’s and Bolbrook.


Scheme Details

The Avonbeg Road Cycle Scheme has a number of objectives;

  • Improved connectivity within the community
  • Safe and segregated shared pedestrian and cycle facilities
  • Traffic calming of Avonbeg Road to improve safety
  • Improved commuting infrastructure to St. Dominic’s N.S. and Firhouse C.C.
  • Improvement of the public realm through tree planting


The main characteristics of the proposed design are;

New Shared Space for Pedestrians and Cyclists

The existing 2m wide footpath on the north side of the road will be upgraded to a 4m wide shared pedestrian and cycle space. This will link up with the N81 crossing at Glenview, the Dodder Greenway link and provide improved access to the retail units at St. Dominic’s Shopping Centre. This will include new and safer crossings along the route.

Public Realm Improvement

A new 2m wide grass verge on the northern verge will be created. This will include a large number of new trees that will create a tree lined avenue and add aesthetic value to the neighbourhood and also increase the biodiversity of the area.

New public lighting will provide a safer and more usable facility.

The road in the vicinity of the bridge will be slightly re-aligned to provide a larger, improved public realm area that will incorporate planting

          Traffic Calming

The existing carriageway width of Avonbeg Road is 9m which encourages excessive speeding. The proposals will narrow this to 6m which is consistent with residential streets. Narrower roadways result in slower car speeds and a safer and quieter environment for residents

The radii at each junction will be reduced to reduce car turning speeds and shorten the pedestrian crossing distance


This scheme will be progressed under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994. This section of the Act contains the legislation under which new traffic calming and cycling infrastructure is developed. Typical works carried out under s38 powers include road narrowing, speed cushions, footpath build outs, cycle tracks, bus corridors. Delivering these works under s38 powers does not require planning permission.


It is the council’s intention to progress this scheme over the coming months. If you would like to submit any comments or feedback on this scheme please complete the questionaire